Osteoporosis … or Vitality and healthy bones?

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Do you have osteoporosis?
Would you like to have stronger bones?
Would you like to improve your posture?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should try the Marodyne Low Intensity Vibration (LIV) device. This medication-free, tried and tested treatment has been documented in numerous scientific studies to address and reverse the symptoms of osteoporosis by increasing bone density and strength to help improve posture and mobility.

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Strengthening muscles and bones

The Marodyne Low Intensity Vibration (LIV) biomechanical vibration treatment system provides a gentle, yet highly effective, stimulus for muscles and bones.
Its action is designed to build up bone mineral density and valuable bone substance as well as strengthening the core muscles and postural stability. It is easy-to-use, safe and reliable.
Low Intensity Vibration (LIV) treatment was developed by Professor Clinton Rubin of Stony Brook University, New York. His unique method delivers a very small mechanical vibration to stimulate a natural reaction in the body and signals to activate the cells of muscles and bones. People who are young and active, with a healthy muscle mass, create signals that are strong enough to stimulate these cells. However, people who are older, inactive or have poor muscle mass, produce slower signals which aren’t able to stimulate these cells: by using Marodyne LIV, stronger signals are created.

What is Low Intensity Vibration therapy?

LIV should not be confused with Whole Body Vibration which exerts a high acceleration, high level vibration of over 1g, carries a high potential risk and has many contra-indications.
Low Intensity Vibration provides a precise, low acceleration, low level vibration of 0.4g which is transmitted at a high frequency (30hz). LIV mimics the small high frequency forces that occur naturally in young, healthy, active people’s bodies.

How does LIV therapy work?

Bone and muscle cells are very small in comparison to the whole bone or muscular system. Therefore, only small, specific stimuli are needed to activate the bone and muscle cells and stimulate new growth. The Marodyne LIV treatment system delivers these small, targeted stimuli to have the desired effect.

Ideal uses for Low Intensity Vibration treatment

To treat and prevent osteoporosis – by building bone density.
To reverse the effects of physical inactivity in people who are disabled, ill or convalescing – by building up core muscles and encouraging blood circulation.
To help the elderly – by addressing age-related muscle weakness, improving posture and balance to helping in falls prevention.
To redress the effects of degeneration of joint, cartilage, bone and nerve tissues (commonly seen in osteo arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease) – by easing pain and improving posture, stability, equilibrium and balance.

Low Intensity Vibration: what is new and different?

marodyne liv low intensity vibration

Many people have heard of vibration training – usually the more intense Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training used to challenge and promote fitness. Low Intensity Vibration (LIV) is completely different from the more aggressive WBV vibration training and offers unique possibilities » more

Osteoporosis treatment: proven effectiveness and how it works

Knochen Trabekel Osteoporose

Low Intensity Vibration treatment activates the bone structure naturally and without medication. It stimulates the body’s natural bone-building function - even in cases of osteoporosis. The positive effect has been described in a large number of studies  » more

Increasing bone mineral density

Knochenschwund Osteoporose

Day-to-day movements like walking, running and lifting objects, stimulate the body’s production cells (osteoblasts) to grow naturally to maintain and increase bone density. Low Intensity Vibration treatment stimulates the production cells in the same natural way with just 10 minutes’ treatment a day  » more

Building up muscles and increasing vitality

muskulatur und vitalität

Conditions that involve muscle weakness – such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis – result in people being less physically active. This leads to an increased risk of falling. Low Intensity Vibration training can help build muscle strength, stability and balance to boost mobility ...  » more

Expert view on osteoporosis and muscle structure

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter Gebauer

© Prof. Dieter Gebauer privat

Professor Dieter Gebauer has dedicated his work to find treatment options for osteoporosis and muscle weakness. In this interview, he explains why LIV treatment is so helpful for people with osteoporosis and the elderly. He talks about the links between bones and muscles and how LIV can boost osteoporosis treatment and prevention (osteopenia), help in cases of restricted mobility (including Parkinson’s Disease), age-related declining muscular performance (sarcopenia) and help with Falls Prevention » read the interview

Marodyne LIV

Marodyne LIV Therapie

The treatment is gentle and safe because the stimuli are small and easily tolerated. Marodyne LIV is the only medical product in the world that generates stimuli of 0.4 g constantly at 30 Hz and an amplitude of approximately 0.1 mm.

LIV Treatment System

Vibrationstraining Osteoporose

Marodyne LIV - Low Intensity Vibration – is a proven, safe and gentle physical therapy treatment of osteoporosis that builds up bone and muscles » more