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Marodyne LIV at a glance

Marodyne LIV - Low Intensity Vibration – is a vibration treatment for stimulating bones and muscles. Marodyne LIV was developed specially for increasing bone mineral density and quality (an osteoporosis treatment) while, at the same time, conditioning leg muscles (a falls prevention treatment). In summary, Marodyne LIV is:

  • An effective, medication-free treatment for osteoporosis and lack of exercise.
  • A treatment that works naturally, purely mechanically, gently and safely.
  • Shown in many studies as proven to be effective.
  • Backed by first-class, independent testimonials.
  • Simple to use – automatically setting itself for each user.
  • The only medically certified LIV vibration platform in the world that can apply stimuli of 0.4 g constantly at 30 Hz and an amplitude of approximately 0.1 mm.
  • Convenient and suited for home use.
  • Best used daily: 10 minutes is all it takes to improve your Quality of Life.
Marodyne LIV Low Intensity Vibration

A natural treatment

The treatment works with natural, purely mechanical movement stimuli. While you are standing on the LIV platform, precise and gentle vibrations are transferred to your bones and muscles. The stimuli are controlled individually for each user and just a daily 10-minute session is sufficient to strengthen your bones and muscles. The level of vibration is low, safe, gentle and accessible to all. (Please do not confuse our LIV treatment with the more forceful whole body vibration, WBV, plates you see at the gym

marodyne LIV - low intensity vibration

How does this treatment work?

The special LIV - Low Intensity Vibration – stimuli influence the growth and regeneration of bones and muscle tissue. To be more precise, the treatment works at a cellular level and stimulates the build-up of bone cells and muscle tissue.

Every day our bodies perform lots of different tasks, often having to use strength and adapt to different loads. These normal activities and the strength required in the process can be relatively large and conscious - such as when we are running, walking or carrying things - or they can be very small and take place subconsciously in our cells. Everything is influenced by stimuli and signals between bones and bone cells and between muscles and muscle cells. Marodyne LIV has developed a method for actively stimulating specific cells and tissues to help them regenerate. This in turn has a direct influence on the growth and renewal of our bones and muscles. It is a very complicated process and is controlled by systems of cells which are sensitive to biological and mechanical signals. Marodyne LIV can stimulate this natural process with a natural treatment. And it works.

  • Can be used at any age, even where osteoporosis already exists
  • Targets build-up of core muscles and bone substance
  • Raises the level of vitality and bone quality in a short time
Marodyne LIV

Age and osteoporosis

Who can benefit from Marodyne LIV treatment?

People affected by osteoporosis and osteopenia are ideally suited to using Marodyne LIV to help rebuild their bone density while people of any age, the young and infirm, the frail elderly and those with restricted mobility can use it to help build their muscle strength and boost their circulation.

Cell systems and cellular activities degenerate with increasing age, hence our ability to build new bone and muscle tissue decreases. This is natural and normal – but for many people degeneration is too rapid and drastic. Cell systems of muscles and bones can be stimulated even in old age or when bone mass or bone mineral density is reduced. The LIV treatment system uses specific movement stimuli - which are equivalent to the natural internal activities of your cells – to stimulate cell systems of muscles and bones from the outside. Low Intensity Vibration imitates what your cells used to do in your younger years and gives them a boost. Every single low intensity vibration is focussed directly on your cells and resembles bone activity or a muscle fibre contraction which, in turn, are responsible for mobility and stability. This helps to bring mobility to the muscles in old age and stability to the bones with osteoporosis. This is what the Marodyne LIV aims to do.

Why can Marodyne LIV be so well tolerated?

The patented Marodyne LIV treatment system is the only medically certified LIV vibration platform in the world that generates stimuli of 0.4 g constantly at 30 Hz and an amplitude of approximately 0.1 mm. The treatment is gentle and safe, because the stimuli are small and tolerable. Unlike the forceful vibration plates (WBV which you may have seen at the gym), the treatment with the Marodyne LIV is like the purring of a contented cat. The stimuli are controlled by a microprocessor and automatically adjust to each individual user. You do not need to adjust anything meaning the treatment can be used easily and conveniently at home.

10 minutes a day for your health

One quote regarding the treatment says it all: “Since I started including the LIV treatment (Low Intensity Vibration) in my busy daily routine, my bone mineral density has increased considerably”, says Sara Meeks, physiotherapist and former osteoporosis sufferer. The 75-year old trains daily and knows from her work as a therapist that many people don’t particularly like exercise and would prefer something simple that can be fitted into their day. And this is precisely what we are offering you with the Marodyne vibration treatment.

Our LIV (Low Intensity Vibration) treatment system offers the latest biomechanical methods for the safe treatment of osteoporosis, to help build up leg and core muscles, assist with falls prevention and age-related muscle weakness and address problems associated with physical inactivity, metabolic and degenerative diseases. All leading to a better Quality of Life.


Osteoporose Training für stabile Knochen testen

You can purchase the Marodyne LIV treatment system. But remember: this treatment will only work if used as recommended. If you can spare 10 minutes a day for Low Intensity Vibration treatment you will see the benefits » more

Marodyne LIV at a glance

Marodyne LIV auf einen Blick

Marodyne LIV – Low Intensity Vibration – treatment stimulates bones, muscles, circulation and cell production to boost health and mobility » see everything at a glance