Vitality for the muscles and bones

More mobility, more activity

Training with the LIV treatment system means healthy bones and increased mobility. As the muscles and bones are supported intensively and in a targeted manner, they become stronger. This is especially the case in the leg muscles which are conditioned effectively. At the same time, bone mineral density and quality are activated and boosted while being built up. All this means you are stronger and able to enjoy physical activity and exercise: and all the health and lifestyle benefits they bring ultimately giving you the quality of life you desire.

10 minutes a day for your health

It is best to carry out the LIV treatment every day as ‘a little and often’ training gives the best results. Most people use the LIV treatment system at home and invest 10 minutes a day in their health. The LIV treatment helps with ...

Osteoporosis and building up bone mineral density

Osteoporose und Knochendichte

The LIV system offers a medication-free treatment for osteoporosis. It supports the targeted building up of high quality bone substance and helps maintain and/or increase bone mineral density. It’s simple to use, at any age ... » more

Building up muscles –  boosting activity levels

aktive muskelfasern sorgen für vitalität

Regular exercise trains the muscles and helps build them up. The LIV treatment helps activate the rapidly contracting muscle fibres. It strengthens and increases muscle mass and reconditions and improves the performance of the leg muscles ... » more

Rehabilitation and renewed strength

rehabilitation und vitalitaet vibrationstraining

Whether used for rehabilitation or to address general muscle weakness in older age, the LIV treatment strengthens and mobilises the body by building up muscles and stimulating metabolism ... boosting vitality and the ability to be more active. » more

Falls prevention

Sturz Prophylaxe Praevention

Low Intensity Vibration training improves balance and coordination, optimises gait and postural stability and thus helps prevent falls. And if you don’t fall, you don’t break anything.  ... » more

Boosting arthritic joints

kniearthrose schmerzen

Arthritis arises from wear of cartilage in the joints. LIV training boosts flexibility in the joints and improves metabolism while the gentle vibration enables important nutrients and minerals to be pumped into the joint cavity while taking away waste product, which helps restore its function ... » more

Pain therapy through enabling exercise

schmerzen und schmerztherapie

Lack of exercise encourages chronic pain: mobility, on the other hand, can ease it. The LIV treatment stimulates muscles and has a gently mobilising effect. In many cases it allows people who couldn’t exercise because of pain before to be more active. In this way Low Intensity Vibration offers a medication-free treatment for ...  » more

Boosting circulation 

durchblutung der muskulatur

Even after a few minutes of low intensity vibration training, blood flow is boosted. Using targeted vibration stimuli, the function in the leg veins is activated addressing circulatory problems common in the elderly and inactive people ... » more

LIV Treatment System

Vibrationstraining Osteoporose

Marodyne LIV - Low Intensity Vibration – is a proven, safe and gentle physical therapy treatment of osteoporosis that builds up bone and muscles » more

Marodyne LIV

Marodyne LIV Therapie

Das Besondere sind die feinen und gleichzeitig wirksamen Impulse. Mit der Technik zur Erzeugung dieser Impulse ist Marodyne LIV führend und weltweit das einzige Medizinprodukt, das Impulse von 0,4 g konstant bei 30 Hz und einer Amplitude von ca. 0,1 mm applizieren kann. Die feinen Impulse gewährleisten ein hohes Maß an Sicherheit und Verträglichkeit.

Daily usage is important

tägliches Training für bessere Knochendichte

Studies show that the results are better with regular, continuous use of the treatment. Just 10 minutes each day, every day can bring results » more